Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday at Simon Fraser University October 2, 2016


People gathering in Peace Square at SFU to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi



Ashok Bhargava President WIN with Mr. Rajiv K.Chander Consul General of India in Vancouver 


Paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi 




Mahatma Gandhi and his legacy have been honoured at Simon Fraser University since the unveiling of his memorial bust in the Simon Fraser Peace Square in 1970. Here I am paying tribute to Gandhiji as an invited guest. October 2, 2016


Gandhi Jayanti Peace Award 2016 recipient is Ms. Judy Graves for her dedicated work as a tireless advocate for Vancouver’s homeless and educator on the need for ending homelessness.


WIN Canada and 밴쿠버 한국문인협회 Korean Writers Association of Vancouver


Ashok Bhargava President of WIN – Writers International Network Canada


Reverend Byung Sub Van founder of KWAV, 91 years young


Group of Korean poets and essayists posting with Rev. Byung Sub Van and Ashok Bhargava

The Korean Writers Association of Vancouver (KWAV) invited Writers International Network (WIN) of Canada at Grace Church Surrey BC to participate in their annual event on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. It was nice to read poetry to captivated audience.

WIN fetes Pangasinan Literary Writers of Philippines


Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. (far left) leads other awardees of the Writers International Network (WIN) Canada founded by Ashok Bhargava (center).  The awardees are Santiago Villafania, Caroline “Ceri Naz” Nazareno, Leonarda “Amor Cico” Carrera, Sergio Bumadilla, Prescillano Bermudez, Atty. Ferdinand L. Quintos (posthumous award). Gov. Espino and Virginia Jasmin Pasalo The governor was conferred the award for his strong advocacy for resuscitating local literature in Pangasinan./ MV Sadim. Vice Governor and Mrs. Aida Bhargava are also in the group photograph taken at Urduja House 

Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. and six other Pangasinense literary writers were cited by the Writer’s International Network (WIN) Canada, headed by Vancouver-based Ashok Bhargava, for their valuable contributions to the preservation of Pangasinan local arts and culture.

The six awardees who received the WIN Distinction Awards on November 23 at the ceremonial hall of Urduja House include Santiago Villafania, Caroline “Ceri Naz” Nazareno, Leonarda “Amor Cico” Carrera, Sergio Bumadilla, Prescillano Bermudez, Atty. Ferdinand L. Quintos (posthumous award). Gov. Espino and Virginia Jasmin Pasalo were given Special Citations for their outstanding contribution to local literature.

In a message, Bhargava lauded Gov. Espino for spearheading the renaissance to upgrade and preserve the Pangasinan literary arts through launching of several programs and projects such as Kurit Panlunggaring, a pet project of the provincial chief executive launched in 2012 that aims to provide opportunities for budding local literary artists to showcase their talents.

Praising the Governor, Bhargava disclosed that for any activity, it is always ‘the leader that matters’ as he noted that the passion of Gov. Espino to keep Pangasinan’s arts and culture alive has made all the difference. It is important for a leader to pour his/her heart out for a certain endeavor, he noted.

In addition, Bhargava commended the province by stating: “The warmth felt in Pangasinan is never experienced anywhere.”

He further added that WIN Canada chose Pangasinan as the venue of the group’s first awarding rites for local literary writers for the mere fact that literature thrives in every local writer’s heart.

Bhargava also said that he chose Pangasinan because the literary writers are as good as the others,  even noting that “Pangasinan is truly number one.”

For his part, Gov. Espino thanked Bhargava together with his wife Aida (who hails from Sta. Maria town) for recognizing Pangasinenses whose heart and soul exude with the love and passion for arts and culture.

“It is important to trace one’s roots,” Gov. Espino said as he stressed that “the new leaf of history, culture and arts of Pangasinan” is now seen through the sublime meaning of loving the province from the heart.

Meanwhile, Pasalo, a known environmental and culture and arts advocate, thanked WIN Canada for giving importance to homegrown writers.

On the other hand, Fr. Weng Escano, delivered an impromptu poem dedicated to the excellent performance of Gov. Espino whose main objective lies not only to revive Pangasinan arts and culture but more importantly, to preserve a vital symbol of identity among Pangasinenses.

WIN – Namaste Canada 2016


Some of the participating South Asian poets

Counsel General of India in Vancouver invited WIN – Writers International Network to participate to showcase Indian literature and arts during celebrations of Namaste Canada.


Ashok Bhargava President of Writers International Network Canada

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Dr. Ram Sharma – Distinguished Poet Award 2016


Dr. Sharma writes in English and Hindi. He uplifts many within his magnetic appeal inside the field of poetry and literature. With a dedicated personality, he’s spiritually driven and utilizes many gifts achieved within his studies, life-work and world travels. He has written for research papers, articles, poems and reviews and has been published within esteemed journals, magazines and newspapers throughout India and abroad. Sharma’s literary works appear in prominent web journals, foreign e-journals and magazines.

He has produced the following poetry volumes respectively: Muse (2002), Serene Moments (2008), A String of Words (2009), Poets for World Peace – Volumes 1 and 2 (2010), Anthologies 1 (2011), Lamp of Love (2015), OM santih santih santih (2015, co-author). He has also contributed editing on 22 anthologies in English Literature.

Dr. Ram Sharma is presently an Associate Professor in English at J.V.P.G. College, Baraut, Baghpat, U.P., India; He is also the Editor-in-Chief of two international publishing journals: RUMINATIONS and GLIMPSES.
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Paul Dhillon – Distinguished Poet Award 2016


Paul is a very well-known Punjabi poet. His creativity appears to flow from his common sense to deliver an original bounty of emotions of love, joy, melancholy and loneliness in his poems. He expresses his thoughts, moods, opinions and a voice to speak out on behalf of others and the community around him.

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Aishwarya Roshan – Community Ambassador Award 2016


Aishwarya fosters an ever growing love for international affairs, having served as the Secretary-General of the Burnaby United Nations Club, founding President of her school’s Model United Nations Team, and on the organizing team of several large-scale Model UN conferences in Vancouver. She was chosen by the District of Burnaby to attend the United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

Furthermore, she is an active member of the environmental movement, having served as the President of “Unity In Green”, a youth-run organization based in Moscrop Secondary. She currently serves as the Chair of the “Canadian Youth Sustainability Network”, which seeks to unite all environmental organizations of Canada. She is currently a first-year Science student at the University of British Columbia, and a recipient of the Schulich Leader scholarship. She is also one of the Directors of UBC Common Energy, the largest environmental sustainability organization on campus. When not busy with community projects, Aishwarya can
be found helping out at the local seniors’ home, where she volunteers on a weekly basis.

She is a proud recipient of the City of Burnaby’s Youth Citizenship Award, and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a professional dance career alongside a future career in medicine.

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Mahendra Kwatra – Community Ambassador Award 2016

Mahendra was born in 1937. After partition, he migrated to India and settled in New Delhi. He graduated from Punjab University in 1955. He joined the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in July 1960. Besides working at Headquarters of the Ministry, he also worked in Indian Missions in Pakistan, South Vietnam, United Kingdom, Zambia and Canada (Vancouver). After voluntary retirement in 1993, he returned to Vancouver as a landed immigrant, and worked as office manager in a private organization.

He is an active community worker. He was President of the India Club, Director/Assistant Treasurer of Universal Cultural Society and Director of Overseas Congress. Presently he is Director of Hindu Temple, Burnaby and Convener of India Canada Association of Abbotsford.

Mr. Kwatra has inspired generations of Indo-Canadians as a dedicated volunteer to numerous social and religious projects. He is a visionary with a clear, distinctive, and specific vision of the future to make Vancouver a better place to live for all of us. His spirit of assisting others is based on his faith in oneness of God, love for his native land and his desire to uplift humanity.

He has made a significant contribution to Canadian society – through his selfless service, inspiring personality and natural leadership.

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Krishan Soni – Community Ambassador Award


Mr. Krishan Soni came to Canada as a Teacher with his family in early 1967 from Uganda. As a student he was elected to his College Students Union for two terms and was a keen Tennis player. He was also adjudged the third Best Speaker in the Punjab University Inter-College Declamation Contest held in Chandigarh, India. Mr Soni has the distinction of being elected as the National President of NACOI, the Federal Government sponsored Umbrella Organisation of Indo-Canadian Societies and Temples in Canada from Vancouver to Halifax during 1982-83. He was the President of India Club Vancouver in the years 1978-79 and during his term he established the India Club Scholarship Trust Fund. He was also the President of Hindu Temple Burnaby for five years and got the building site and New Temple plans approved by the City of Burnaby during the Year 2001. He also raised $132,000.00 on behalf of Hindu Temple, Burnaby for the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund in the year 2001.

Presently Mr. Soni is the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee of Hindu Cultural Society & Community Centre of B.C for the last four years having raised over two million dollars so far.

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Harshita Bhargava – Youth Ambassador Award


Harshita is a hardworking, dependable, honest and flexible young lady who excels in the classroom and volunteer work. She encourages young people to get involved in sports and academic activities. She is passionate about world peace and environment. She always inspires her friends to take action for a cause they care about by sharing their personal experiences with others.

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Joginder Singh Sidhu – Award 2016

Mr. Sidhu has promoted and preserved Punjabi folk music in Canada through a lifetime dedication and adherence. His speciality is playing a traditional musical instrument called Algoze or Lagojay.

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Jen Walls – Distinguished Poet Award 2016


Jen Walls is an international author/poet who brings love inside of joyful heart’s radiance; pulsating deep within a natural personality of rare positivity. Her first solo collection of poems, The Tender Petals, released November 2014, through inner child press, ltd. USA. Her second collection, OM Santih Santih Santih, joined to combine natural spiritual poetry with co-author, Dr. Ram Sharma of Meerut, U.P. India, released November 2015 through The Poetry Society of India.

Jen’s peace-filled poems vibrate within global print/electronic journals and renowned world peace anthologies from the USA, India, Africa and Europe. She’s a devoted nature lover, ceremonial vocalist, and dedicated care advocate for elderly and youth causes.

Jen lives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband and two sons.

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