Nadeem Parmar – Lifetime Achievement 2015 – WIN Award

2 Nadeem Parmar
Kalwant Singh Parmar was born June 9, 1936, Chuck 138 in Lyalpur (Old India before 1947). He was given his writer’s name (“Nadeem”, which means ‘friend’ in Persian). He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching from Punjab University and a diploma from the London Board of Education (L.B.E.) and a P.Eng. from Lancaster. Nadeem emigrated to Canada in 1973 and worked various jobs before working with CN/CP Telecommunications. He now writes full time in Punjabi, Urdu and English. He lives in Burnaby, BC, and travels extensively to give readings and presentations. Some of his writing has been used as song lyrics by famous Indian ghazal singers such as Jagjit Singh, Jaswinder, Shashi Virk.
Lala-e-Bayzar (Urdu Ghazals). Media International, 1995
Nimritta (Children poems). Co-op. publication Ludhiana, 1995
Chittee Mowt (Novel). Nuv Yug Press (New Delhi), 1995
Ruphalee Chan (Punjabi Ghazals). National Bookshop (Delhi), 1995.
Nadeem (Urdu Ghazals). Media International Delhi, 1993
Payshi (Novel). Chetna Parkashan Ludhiana, 2006
Ghazal di Viakern. Chetna Parkashan Ludhiana, 2007
Nadeem (punjabi ghazals 1990- 2005). Chetna Parkashan Ludhiana, 2005
Isharia Say Pahlay ( Urdu Ghazals). Imroz Kutub Malerkotla, 2003
Inder Jll (Novel). Nuv Yug Press (New Delhi), 2004
Bindoo Toon Oray (Punjabi ghazals). Nuvyug publication delhi, 2001
Sponsorship. Chetna Parkashan Punjabi Bhawan Ludhiana Pb. India, 2009
Shafq-e-Gulrung. Chetna Parkashan Punjabi Bhawan Ludhiana Pb. India, 2009
Komagata Maru Incident & Kalsa Diwan Society Vancouver. (Simon Fraser University), 2010
Rape (novel, Punjabi language). Chetna Parkashan, 2014
Nipatta Rukh (“Leafless tree”; novel, published in Punjabi). Chetna Parkashan, 2014
Shortlisted (1st runner-up), Ghalib Academy, Delhi, India for Nadeem, 1994.
Iqbal Arpan Memorial Award for Punjabi Lakhari Sabha (Calgary), 2008
Central Association of Punjabi Writers for Lifetime Achievement Awards, 2013
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