Aishwarya Roshan – Community Ambassador Award 2016


Aishwarya fosters an ever growing love for international affairs, having served as the Secretary-General of the Burnaby United Nations Club, founding President of her school’s Model United Nations Team, and on the organizing team of several large-scale Model UN conferences in Vancouver. She was chosen by the District of Burnaby to attend the United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

Furthermore, she is an active member of the environmental movement, having served as the President of “Unity In Green”, a youth-run organization based in Moscrop Secondary. She currently serves as the Chair of the “Canadian Youth Sustainability Network”, which seeks to unite all environmental organizations of Canada. She is currently a first-year Science student at the University of British Columbia, and a recipient of the Schulich Leader scholarship. She is also one of the Directors of UBC Common Energy, the largest environmental sustainability organization on campus. When not busy with community projects, Aishwarya can
be found helping out at the local seniors’ home, where she volunteers on a weekly basis.

She is a proud recipient of the City of Burnaby’s Youth Citizenship Award, and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a professional dance career alongside a future career in medicine.

Contact Ashok Bhargava
Visit Ashok’s web page
WIN Canada web page


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