Jen Walls – Distinguished Poet Award 2016


Jen Walls is an international author/poet who brings love inside of joyful heart’s radiance; pulsating deep within a natural personality of rare positivity. Her first solo collection of poems, The Tender Petals, released November 2014, through inner child press, ltd. USA. Her second collection, OM Santih Santih Santih, joined to combine natural spiritual poetry with co-author, Dr. Ram Sharma of Meerut, U.P. India, released November 2015 through The Poetry Society of India.

Jen’s peace-filled poems vibrate within global print/electronic journals and renowned world peace anthologies from the USA, India, Africa and Europe. She’s a devoted nature lover, ceremonial vocalist, and dedicated care advocate for elderly and youth causes.

Jen lives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband and two sons.

Contact Ashok Bhargava
Visit Ashok’s web page
WIN Canada web page


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