Krishan Soni – Community Ambassador Award


Mr. Krishan Soni came to Canada as a Teacher with his family in early 1967 from Uganda. As a student he was elected to his College Students Union for two terms and was a keen Tennis player. He was also adjudged the third Best Speaker in the Punjab University Inter-College Declamation Contest held in Chandigarh, India. Mr Soni has the distinction of being elected as the National President of NACOI, the Federal Government sponsored Umbrella Organisation of Indo-Canadian Societies and Temples in Canada from Vancouver to Halifax during 1982-83. He was the President of India Club Vancouver in the years 1978-79 and during his term he established the India Club Scholarship Trust Fund. He was also the President of Hindu Temple Burnaby for five years and got the building site and New Temple plans approved by the City of Burnaby during the Year 2001. He also raised $132,000.00 on behalf of Hindu Temple, Burnaby for the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund in the year 2001.

Presently Mr. Soni is the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee of Hindu Cultural Society & Community Centre of B.C for the last four years having raised over two million dollars so far.

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